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Metroplex, Tresor / Detroit US

A major electronic music pioneer from Detroit, Juan appeared behind aliases such as Cybotron, Model 500 and Infiniti, and has released many classics of sublime Detroit techno, including the 1982 electro track “Clear”. Recorded by Atkins and Rick Davis as Cybotron, this track is often considered the first proto-techno track.

Experimenting with fusing the extra-terrestrial funk of Parliament Funkadelic with the futuristic rhythms and hard math of Kraftwerk and the progressive dance theorems proposed by Giorgio Moroder, the Model 500 12′′s laid the blueprint for Detroit Techno. Along with the tracks made by two schoolmates from the grade below, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson, Detroit Techno quickly made its way across the Atlantic and immediately sparked the emerging rave culture and soon after the entire global dance community. Moving through the later 80’s as Model 500, Atkins continued as one of the most prolific and sought after producers of electronic music throughout the 90’s, culminating in the use of an Atkins’ original as the musical bed for the 2000 launch of the Ford Focus ‘Detroit Techno’ automobile.

Packing clubs from Detroit to NY, London, Paris, Berlin…, Juan has mastered the art of soaking up new rhythmic elements from contemporary dance music while keeping his unerring, instantly recognizable sense of melody intact. Much discussed and anthologized not only for his 20 years of production credit but also for his ability to rock a dance floor, Juan Atkins’ music and DJing is deified in Europe and embraced all over the world. Juan has also been prolifically releasing albums, remixes and collaborations on Belgium’s R & S Records, Germany’s Tresor, and others. His six full-length releases are available only as imports. Juan Atkins is widely credited as the originator of techno music.

Pudel Produkte / Frankfurt/Main

This is Jörn Wuttke (Alter Ego) & Oliver Bradford …. „Sounds like Burial who listened to Psychic TV instead of UK Garage. For me the best Pudel Produkte so far, I’m thrilled. And you know me, I find a lot of things good, but only super cool super cool, best Pudel Produkte ever. How did you find them, do they come from Mainz or the surrounding area or what? Top record, I would also like to have it on vinyl for grandpa’s cupboard“  // Superdefekt

Golden Pudel, Pudel Produkte, MFOC / Hamburg

Ralf Köster ist Bewahrer der wenig respektierten Tonträger und Schweinepriester des großen Rillenkäs. Als Gründer von Musick For Our Children, MFOC, ist er nicht nur in Hamburg geboren, sondern auch mittel bis alt geworden, je nachdem, wo man gerade hinguckt. Vielleicht lag das an dieser fatalen Ambient-Musik, die der Synapsenmasseur vor gut 25 Jahren in allen Frisörsalons Europas als handgelegte Wasserwellen durch die Anlagen blubbern ließ. 

Heute ist der Profi und Fotograf vor allem als DJ bekannt, der die zwei Plattenspieler wie seine Scheitel regelmäßig in akkurate Grauzonen des guten Geschmacks kämmt. Raf le Spoink, Rüftata110, oder einfach nur Rülle, so hat man den Eindruck, verwandelt allein kraft seiner Zähne Olles in Dolles, ganz gleich, welches Vinyl er gerade auf dem Tresen seines Unterleibs anreibt, damit die Nadel es ohne zu hoppeln küssen kann. 

Ob Hiphop, Gabba oder diese neue Musik, Beschwerden sind sein Lieblingskompliment! Deshalb hat der Chefbooker des Golden Pudel Klub die Spezialität der Absage zur Kunstform erhoben. “Kostet mich ein Arschgrunzen”, so der sympathische Frührentner mit dem Colgatelächeln.



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