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Fr_20.03, 23:00




Rote Sonne
Maximiliansplatz 5
München, 80799 Deutschland

● Ghost in the Machine
[Perc trax, Genosha | Netherlands]
● Tommy Holohan
[Monnom Black, Haven | Ireland]
● Gonzo MDF
[Counterweight, Rote Sonne | Munich]
● Marco H
[Counterweight, Rote Sonne | Munich]

This won’t be just another party, this will be a huge one! We are extremely excited to celebrate the 9th release on the label with you!

April 1st 2020 is the date, the new record on the label, “Spontaneously EP” is hitting the world and the stores. The new work by Gonzo MDF including a massive remix by rising Irish artist Tommy Holohan is almost here and we want to celebrate this with all the Munich techno nerds. What’s the result? As always, fast paced techno with no “bullshitting”, straight to the point guys… Counterweight started as a label to offer a specific sound and idea and that’s what we are still doing. 4 Tracks with techno for the dancefloor, techno for the DJs and the ravers, nothing else. And since a special night requires special guests, we invited Ghost in The Machine & Tommy Holohan.
Ghost in the Machine are travelling around the globe since they released their recent f*** destroyer album on Perc Trax “Breaking the Seal”, what an honour to have them again in Munich for a Counterweight night. Their last visit to Munich was amazing and we’ve been looking forward to having them again for a while… now it’s the time. By now, their music doesn’t need more introduction … except that we love their tracks, their sets and their dance-moves.

Everybody knows already the skills of our second guest, Dublin native Tommy Holohan has done much more than attach himself to a trend throughout his rise to the tip of every techno fan’s tongue. His sets mixing hard-hitting techno with broken beat bombs just in the perfect way are simply delicious. His productions earned a place on Dax J’s Monnom Black, plus Skull Crushing Techniques Volumes 1 and 2 on the Berlin-based imprint HAVEN, his popularity has swung further inland as he rises the European ranks.

What else? Sure! The warmup and closing will be served, as always, by the Counterweight makers, Marco H and Gonzo MDF. Considering that this will be the 42nd Counterweight night in Munich, you can be sure that they know what the crowd needs.