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Sa_27.07.19, 23:00




Rote Sonne
Maximiliansplatz 5
München, 80799 Deutschland

● DJ Gigola
● Bauernfeind
● MCR-T *live
● 41ISSA

DJ Gigola 

DJ Gigola’s roots lay in hip hop dance and body movement; respectively, her approach towards music is directed by intuition and rhythmic structures. Growing up in Berlin, she developed a love for electronic music from an early age, yet quickly became tired of the ever-growing monotony that seemed to be overtaking the city’s club landscape. Hence, DJ Gigola began meticulously studying the broad spectrum of club sounds and genres, not shying away from, in her words, »forbidden tracks«. These would soon resurface in her initial mixes, catching the attention of the collective, and in turn, making DJ Gigola a fix member of LFE in 2016. As a Dj, she puts a lot of emphasis on the performativity of mixing, engaging in a non-verbal dialogue with the audience, taking every variable of the night into account. Her stylistically bold, tempo driven and rhythm infused sets incorporate her love for fun and broken beats. With a heavy UK influence, her playful selection includes classic techno as well as jungle, garage, electro with hints of trance, and pop, always creating a wild and unrestrained dance energy.


Berlin born and raised Bauernfeind came in touch with electronic music at a very young age. He began collecting DJ experience as a teenager, his thirst for fresh sounds turning him into an avid record digger. His passion for Techno and his profound musical knowledge later pushed him to begin producing rave-centric techno with hints of dark wave. His ability to create an authentic club atmosphere quickly caught the collective’s attention. In turn, Bauernfeind joined Live From Earth in 2017. While his focus lies in the production of big room techno, the Schöneberg native continuously works on Memphis inspired hip Hop beats under the alias DJ Creep, and has worked on multiple tracks with other LFE members such as Caramelo, and Naru. His newest release »No Rush«, which has appeaedr on the LFEK imprint (LFEK003) in January 2019, is a joint collaboration with Matrixxman, whom he met at a warehouse in Los Angeles. Bauernfeind says the EP will pay homage to 80’s-90’s, Frankfurt-style, classic EBM and trance. 


MCNZI’s new Installation MCR-T is a force to reckon with. The Berlin born German American DJ and MC attempts to take the New School back to the Oldschool. Sounds ranging from relentless 808 Infested Ghetto Tech , Electro and Breakbeats all the way to MCR-T’s own interpretation of authentic vibey Berlin Techno. MCing has become a new addition to MCR-T’s performance Program. The Code of conduct: No serious »im too cool to smile« faced DJing. Just a fun guy with fun tunes and a voice that wants to be heard.


41ISSA loves to explore the contemporary movement of sound. Starting out playing records in bars she transitioned to cdjs realizing the potential it had for her style. Whether Djing or curating parties, 41SSA strives to push the boundaries of today‘s nightlife experience. Featuring underground artists who work with modern sound-expressions (e.g. live coding performances, abstract editing and bootlegs) her goal is to present new perspectives into the mostly set environment of a club night. In her sets, she aims to create a personal groove which leads people to forget the known, and tickle out new emotions that shall no longer be forgotten. Her sets are about the ecstatic and transient moments that make the nightlife experience worth it.