RS: Perspectives 001 – Ultraworld

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A glim­mer.

Fli­cke­ring dots and lines shaping in the dark. Stri­pes of light erra­ti­cal­ly mean­de­ring through fiel­ds of visi­on. A red­dish shim­mer, pul­sa­ting inces­sant­ly at a rapid pace. A swir­ling storm of colors behind clo­sed eyelids, con­nec­ted by brief moments of darkness.

In. Out.
In. Out.
In. Out.

Has­ty breaths. Lungs pum­ping in an attempt to fol­low the poun­ding beat of the hea­vy air. The com­pres­sed vapor of sweat, smo­ke and lived out youth drawn into bodies through qui­vering nostrils.


A sea of sweat drops on skins, woven into blan­kets of mois­tu­re, car­ri­ed through the space, from sil­hou­et­te to sil­hou­et­te. Pearls drip­ping from the cei­ling, wan­de­ring down skin, glass, and pum­ping metal.


An inces­sant hum in the air. Power­ful acoustic beats, a … Read more ▶ 

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Hey Raving Nation!

(Click here for Ger­man ver­si­on)  The past year hasn’t been easy for any of us, not only tho­se in the cul­tu­ral or event sec­tor. Mon­ths full of inse­cu­ri­ty, uncer­tain­ty, and loads of can­cel­la­ti­ons lie behind us.

It’s all the nicer – and the more humb­ling – that we’re still here. Still kicking high, and not with a tiny oun­ce less pas­si­on and con­vic­tion for our cau­se. A cau­se that – con­tra­ry to the views of some of our high­ly-deco­ra­ted cul­tu­ral poli­ti­ci­ans and colum­nists – is com­pri­sed of more than sim­ply being a gas­tro­no­mic busi­ness, more that just ser­ving drinks with back­ground music, more than a shiny bass cir­cus for bored mill­en­ni­als … Read more ▶ 

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